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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I love going to movies on rainy days...although there haven't been too many in San Diego lately. The movie "Nine" is wonderful and it sucks you right into the fantasy of the Italian movie director Guido, played most convincingly by Daniel Day Lewis...with over the top musical stage numbers, beautiful actresses, exquisite costumes and lovely scenery from Italy - it took me away from my problems, if only for a few hours....really enjoyed Penelope Cruz as his mistress, and Marion Cotillard as his wife.
And who else but the legend, Sophia Loren should play Guido's Mama!


Anonymous said...

Hi linder..I saw it tonight. It was really good, we should've been in that movie because we are Italian ...guess who this is!!!! My new blog name should be BG...loveeeeeeyou Alessandra

~j~ said...

Just saw this a couple of days ago with my daughter and we LOVED it!
I agree, you can get so lost in the sets, the singing,dancing. What a cast and fun film. I would go see it again :)

Sue said...

Hi Linda....Oh I just love Daniel Day of the best actors EVER! daughter wanted me to go see this with her while I was in Jersey but we ran out of time...I will have to let her know that it's one not to be missed...

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Sounds like a good movie! I'm writing it down so I'll remember to get it on Net flicks in a few months..I like to watch movies in my PJ's