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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I just finished reading "A Homemade Life", by Molly Wizenberg, the creator of the amazing food blog - Orangette! What a delightful book, and so easy to read...You have all probably read it, especially you food bloggers, so you know what I contains her cherished recipes, stories about her father and her extended family, her love of food, Paris and how she met the love of her life - through her blog!! There are so many interesting recipes to try and the first one I will definitely make is called "The Winning Hearts and Mind" cake, which ended up being her wedding cake...whenever I get that darn camera fixed you might actually see a photo! Oh, the cake is chocolate, so it has to be good.

In other news, my blog is two years old, hard to believe - I just wish that I made more time to post. I am sure you all have times in your lives when other "stuff" is occupying your thoughts, and this for me is one of those times...enough said!


Anonymous said...

Happy Blogday to you!!!

~j~ said...

Hi Linda Lou!
Happy Blog Birthday to you! and thank you for the book recommendation I have never heard of it! Sounds wonderful.
I always enjoy coming for a visit.
blessings always,

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy blog anniversary Linda!
Time flies and its been fun getting to know you!

I heard f this book but have not read it as yet. Sounds good!

janie said...

Happy 2nd Birthday-it's amazing how time flies. Just think if you hadn't started your blog, we would never have met!

Sue said...

Hi Linda Lou....Happy Second Blogaversary to you!! it has been a pleasure getting to know you...I hope this upcoming year finds you seeling tons and tons of your cheesecake and other goodies...and if I ever get to Ca. I will be happy to go resturant to resturant as your personal spokesperson!! Enjoy your weekend!! Sue.