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Friday, July 2, 2010

When life hands you lemons....make limoncello cheesecake!

A friend came over yesterday and said I miss your blog, and I said, I have nothing to write about anymore, which really isn't true. I started this blog to explore my creativity, to connect with like souls, to share some delicious recipes I have tried, and to add some humor on occasion............

I have lost a lot of readers, and I have stopped consistently reading other blogs, not because I don't enjoy them..I do very much.

I guess the starting of the business is like starting the blog over two years ago, I have become consumed with it, trying out new recipes for the farmers market, meeting new people every Sunday, from 10AM to 2PM, figuring out what will sell and what won't. I have learned that from week to week you never know what customers will end up buying. I started with the limoncello cheesecakes, and I realize that is the draw, when I say would you like to sample some limoncello cheesecake, they stop, think for a second and say OF COURSE!! I have added goat cheese, tomato and onion tarts, mini orange ricotta cheesecakes, pesto some weeks, focaccia with tomato bruscetta some other weeks, pasta salad, cous cous salad, and nutella brownies.

I run into my neighbors, friends, friends of friends and have "regular" customers now
and it is Fun! I get to know other vendors, the woman who sells organic honey, the man with the amazing Indian food, the gal who trades nutella crepes for my nutella brownies. My husband comes with me to set up my canopy and then he comes back at the end of the day...and whatever is left over, we enjoy on Sunday nights!

The ultimate fantasy would be for one of the local Italian restaurants to start selling my limoncello or nutella I am putting it out into the universe....and we will see what happens...wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Yipee! I get to be the first to comment. (I have no life) Your limoncello cheesecake is special--I would ask for it in a restaurant. Glad you are "putting it out there". Good luck!

Your blog is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


janie said...

You just never know what may happen!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Linda you've been busy and it sounds like you're doing great business so that's what counts! Don't worry about the blog ..when you have a chance now and then to check in and post we'll be here to read it.

I'm hoping those restaurants do commission your cheesecakes! I know I'd order a slice for dessert if I saw that one the menu..yum!

Sue said...

trevokshHi Linda....ofcourse I follow your exploits on Facebbok so does that count for something...It sounds like your business is really taken off..that is so good...You WILL sell your cheesecake to the resturants in town I know you will...they just have to get to know really have expanded your selections from when you first started....Good for you!!
Don't stop and Pat will always stop by...Sue.

~j~ said...

oh my goodness Linda, what I wouldn't give for a piece of that cheesecake right now!! I am so proud of you and good for you for pursuing your passion. My hubs and I are planning a fall trip your way, I am so stopping at that farmers market!
blessings to you and thanks for the post!
p.s. thanks so much for the encouragement about Daisy..

Ciao Chow Linda said...

I can't see why they WOULDN'T sell your cheesecake - you just have to beat the pavement and tell people - the cheesecake would sell itself once they tasted it.