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Thursday, April 10, 2008


For a long time, I wanted to spend my 20th anniversary in Italy. Months were spent researching the best places to visit. We couldn't wait to arrive, and start the "romantic" celebration. My wish came true, and we spent 10 days in Tuscany, and the Amalfi Coast last July. Capri was magical and stunningly beautiful. Sorrento introduced us to the joys of Limoncello . The Amalfi Coast, after a crazy bus ride, was well worth all the twists and turns. While driving through the small towns in Tuscany, we discovered there is a villa in the heart of Tuscany that bore my maiden name, Tancredi. We found the town, about 30 miles from Sienna, drove up the Cypress lined entrance, knocked on the door, and an old woman answered..Bon name is Linda Tancredi....she welcomed us in, gave us the grand tour of this amazing place. and, she spoke perfect English. Her family had purchased the villa over 100 years ago from the Tancredi's. As soon as we returned home, I emailed my siblings and the Tancredi cousins photos of "our" villa. Owning our own villa, now that would be the ultimate Italian Dream!


Pat said...

Great story and what a beautiful villa!

My husband is from Calabria so we've been to Itlay twice. I loved Florence and Venice.

Pat said...
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Linda Lou said...

Italy is really amazing isn't it. Been to Venice, not Florence, I know I have to go someday. Sure wish that villa really did belong to us!!