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Friday, June 27, 2008


I think I am having an identity crisis. Who and what is Cucina Cara Mia? What am I trying to express and convey to my virtual fellow bloggers. Do I want to share about cooking, decorating, my family, my frustrations, my joy, my menopause??

I have a daily regimen of reading my favorite blogs. I love the ones about design and decorating. I admire all the incredible photographs that some share on their,, blogs. I drool over the ones about people who live in other parts of the world (especially Italy). Laugh at the quirky ones, get inspired by the spiritual ones. But....I don't think I have figured out what my blog is supposed to be.....So, I just don't share at all.

Did any of you have this feeling when you were newer bloggers?

I have thought about starting a home based business, Cucina Cara Mia, involving food and/or cooking in some shape or form. I have always liked to cook, and making home made items to sell at our local Sunday farmer's market could be fun.

But what do I sell? I am not much of a baker, but am certainly a good Italian cook, yet I keep putting off things like getting a business license or ordering business cards. Is it just fear? Is there not enough passion behind this idea? Much has been written about finding your passion in life.

I had been working in real estate part time the last six years. As everyone knows, things have changed drastically in the housing market. It was never my passion.

So the last six months I have wondered what that passion is for me. I want God to literally tell me ... Linda, this is what you are supposed to do with the rest of your life!! I pray about it, yet I still sit here pondering, reading books about, reading blogs about it, asking my husband what should I do?

Any suggestions on how you found your passion,or how to create a truly individual blog would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!


~j~ said...

just stopped by to visit after you were so kind to vist my blog and I sooo related to this post. It made me smile. Just keep blogging, it's amazing how you will find your groove! Look forward to coming and visiting again soon.
Keep up the great are doing a great job, really!

lily-g said...

What a great suprise to find your blog and I truely understand how you feel, I'm always doubting myself and never really believed what I was capable of till I decided one day I was going to open a shop and if it flopped then atleast I tried,so with not alot of thought or money I opened up my store lily-g.Don't worry its never as glamorous as it seems I have had many nights working late,tears and money worries and just wanting to give up and on other days i'm flying high.Inspiration will come and maybe sharing your great recipes to us bloggers or in-house cooking lessons at home,I once organised a lunch where I paid a good cook (not a chef) to do a lunch for my friends she was always getting calls to prep dinner parties etc...after that,
may-be an on-line cooking lessons selling some gorgeous Italian wares..too,anyway keep blogging and inspiration will come it does for me,look forward to visiting again,Judy x

Shannon said...

Thanks for commenting at my blog! Oh I so feel your pain about what to do, and how to find your passion. I've been blessed this past year, after years of trying to find my niche to have the whole blog designing thing fall into my lap! I say keep working within your passion, even in a hobby sort of way...and eventually your niche will be found!

janie said...

Hi-for months I tried to find your blog-i couldn't remember the name! I knew you were close to me somewhere north of San Diego and am glad I've found you again.
When I started my blog 10 months ago it was mainly going to be about food-I realize now that I find it easier to write about my passion for Italy than my passion for food.
I think it's just a good exercise to write something, anything, as often as you can and all of a sudden you will know what you want your blog to be about!

Cucina Cara Mia said...

My brother pointed out last night if the name of my blog is Cucina Cara Mia I should have a picture of a kitchen in my header-maybe I am confusing myself on the theme of my blog! Thanks for stopping by,

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Have you thought of writing a cook book? You are a great Italian cook and you enjoy red wine and traveling, sounds to me like you could write a very entertaining cook book. Even if you just got it self published, you'd be proud of your accomplishment and you could sell copies on etsy! Twyla


Hello from Canada, It is very clear to me: Italian inspired decor, cooking, fashion. This is the business you need to start!

Anonymous said...

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