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Monday, July 7, 2008


I love the color purple. From plum, to lavender, to lilac and every shade in between. I guess its one of those random things about me. I convinced my husband to paint our master bedroom a lovely deep lavender back in the early 90’s. It was a little too feminine for his liking. Eventually we sold that house and left that "unique" color for the new owners. My current home featured a periwinkle blue (otherwise known as purple) guest bathroom for many years. No more, it’s a safe, neutral tobacco brown today.

There was a time when every time I went shopping I was drawn to the purple shirt, sweater, dress, or pair of shorts at the store.

For my 40th birthday, I requested everyone dress in something purple. I am sure most of the men really didn’t want to come to that party, It was also my daughter’s 2nd birthday, so Barney came (you remember that Purple Dinosaur) and we served dinosaur shaped cookies, iced in purple.

Then there was the need for purple eyeshadow. Loving that color also made it easy for people to buy birthday gifts for me; purple jewelry, books, candles, picture frames, accessories, dishes and glasses. They are part of my life.

But as years go by, we all change our taste in clothes and decorating. As I look around my home today, the only purple I see is a purple vase in my family room and the exquisite purple flowers in my garden.
I am soooo glad my teenage daughters are over that Purple Dinosaur too!!!

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Lisa said...

Hi Lady!!
Thanks for stopping by the ol Coastal Nest Blog-
Aberdeen is in Grays Harbor County, with is on the coast and in Western WA. A nice 3 or so hour from where you are going to visit, btw is a gorgeous place in its own.

Ill talk to you soon-
out at the beach.