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Friday, July 25, 2008


Well its Friday another week has flown by….got to spend time with my sisters, brother and niece and nephew earlier in the week. I started sharing with them that I have a blog. They don’t get it….why would you have a blog?.. What is so interesting about blogs? I shared my blog with them. Showed them some of my favorite blogs.…I felt like I had to defend myself. Boy, am I sensitive, even at the ripe old age of 54. They pointed out that my blog title and the photo in the headline don’t make any sense. So of course, I spent part of yesterday trying to find a more relevant photo or illustration for Cucina Cara Mia. I googled Italian foods, Italian kitchens, looking for something that describes my blog better. I guess I could use my own kitchen photo. I know the photo is dark, and the camera is not the best digital out there. I am sure it can be more creative and interesting. Should I have someone do a blog design for me? Any suggestions on where to find free photos? The point of this---do we blog to make ourselves happy, or are we trying to please others????


lily-g said...

Definately blog for yourself after all it is suppose to be our journal of things we love,I'm waiting for all your yummy recipes to share with us eager Italian food lovers and I love your title as you do live near the beach, sorry I haven't stopped by life has been so busy,I try to get my friends to blog but they are the same but so long as we have fun x

janie said...

Okay-first, I totally can relate about your family not understanding the blog. My sister has never even looked at mine, although she does know how to use a computer! Friends of hers read my blog and she doesn't!
As for a picture, you need to take another trip to Italy and take some photos there!

My Notting Hill said...

I like the beach photo - it' interesting. I also like the name of your blog. Definitely blog for yourself.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Definitely blog for yourself! When I started mine a few months ago it was really my online diary…but I completely appreciate the fact that people actually come by and say nice things. (I work my tail off at work and no one says nice things to me! :-) That’s like icing on the cake to me. So I guess I blog to make me happy, but am thrilled when my random musings actually make someone else happy. I love the name of your blog, and think you could totally use some fun food photos…some of your own sounds like a great idea. I’ve thought about getting a header designed for my blog and there are designers on that will do them for very reasonable prices.

Pat said...

Hi Linda Lu

When I began my blog I never thought anyone would read it but I still write it mainly for myself to encourage me to learn new things and to remember where I've been and what I've done :-)

Using other people's photos can have a copyright issue. A lot of food blogs have photos of food in their header, so why not just take some photos of food in some pretty dishes, or something like that?

My blog title makes no sense to anyone but me!

Hugs, Pat

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Please blog for yourself. I have been looking through your blog, just found it, and you are very entertaining, you have great ideas and good pictures. I don't want all blogs to look alike or have the same ideas, that would be boring! I also loved the photo in your header and would be sad if you changed it. Your friends obviously just don't 'get' blogging. Just be you! Twyla