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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


OK so what do you think? It came today, and I found this rug at Ballard Designs. I listened to your suggestions, I chose a light rug with yellow and green in a small pattern –I think it works well with the dark floors.

Did I make a good choice or should I return it????

Sunshine, the cat, took right to it!! I guess he was tired of laying on the wood floor…


Debbies-English-Treasures said...

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Debbie Moss

Thanks so much for your SUPPORT!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love the way your rug brightens up the space. You have a lovely living room. Have a nice day!

Sabina said...

I like the light colored rug against the dark floor.

Have a great weekend!!

Sabina ~

~j~ said...

Hi Linda!
first of all.. beautiful living room and I absolutely LOVE the wall color and the comfy looking yellow chair, really darling. I really do love the pattern of the rug as well but it's hard to say if it's big enough for that space or not, I can't tell from the angle but my friend Melissa or my friend Anna would love to give you advice on that one! you can link to them through my blog, Villa Anna and The Inspired Room, these ladies are my inspiration!
Thanks for sharing your lovely home.
p.s. isn't it hysterical how our pets will give approval to new floor coverings :)!?

Mary Ruth said...

I like the way you are putting your room together! And you know what a great thing it is to find something that fits!
Will visit again!

janie said...

Linda-your room looks great! Where was your new blog photo taken?

Lisa said...

Hi Linda,

I think that the rug needs to be bigger. I would want it to go under both of the pieces of furniture, not all the way, but the path around the table should be all carpet.

I love the style and look, just bigger.
so, my two cents.. from the beach.
coastal nest

Lisa said...

Loved your comment on the old soap box over at my place!!
We truley are cut from the same cloth, sister..
coastal nest

chriskauf said...

I use a brown crayon to fill in any deep nics it is wax so it works quite well.
I like the carpet but I as well think it needs to be bigger , I know it will cost a lot more but it will make the space fell bigger if the rug is bigger.

Courtney said...

love the new rug! I agree that ideally it would be bigger, but sometimes, ya just can't afford bigger, so don't let us bloggers pressure you into anything. The colors are just perfect, though! really lightens up the space.