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Monday, September 8, 2008


In a recent post, I was discussing pumpkins and recipes. I went to TJ Maxx the other day and found a pumpkin spice cake mix by none other than Martha Stewart. Needing a quick recipe for our neighborhood block party, it was worth a try. You need to add butter and milk, so it’s not totally a mix. OK it is, just like Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines. With a cream cheese frosting, it actually turned out quite good.

Speaking of Martha, when my daughter Courtney was recovering from her bone marrow transplant, she would watch two Martha Stewart cooking videos over and over again. She memorized some of Martha’s little sayings and style of speaking. “Let’s get the bird” and “I’m putting my pheasant in the smokehouse” were a few of her favorite lines. We laughed all the time at this little 3 year old imitating Martha. So when Martha started publishing her magazine, I decided to send them a photo of Courtney with a Martha video in her hand. I explained her story and how she was probably Martha’s youngest fan.

Guess what we got in return –an 8 X 10 glossy photo of Martha signed by Martha….To Courtney-You’re a Good Thing!

Well, geez, at least they could have sent her a free subscription to Martha Stewart Living!!!

As I have said before, I find the best things at TJ Maxx!!


Lisa said...

Oh, you know martha, shes always so fond of herself..She loves to have her photo taken, dosent she. She also thinks that your daughter should put one in her room, eh?

I do like her, but..shes such a damn perfectionist!!!

Where is that new photo of? Its awesome!! Is it croatia somewhere? ARe you going to post some photos for me to see? Pretty please!!!
its me,
out at the beach
coastal nest

Twyla and Lindsey said...

We love Martha at our house too. She has done much to help women do things better at home. You don't Have to do things like her, but you take what you want and leave the rest. She is most gracious and much can be learned from her. Twyla

Lisa said...

Go and get your blueberries!!!
then send me half your recipe--you will love me, and matthew for it!

(its just a basic shortbread recipe)then add his magic recipe to the top)
from the beach,

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Awwwww. I love the idea of your little three year old saying those things!

Lovin your new title photo...swoon! said...

That is so funny! What did she do with the picture? I would glitter it, haha!

Lisa said...

Hey Linda-
Got my awesome shabby chic book today. Thanks so much, your an awesome chick!
Im gonna read it cover to cover.
coastal nest

Debra W said...

I LOVE the photo that you put up in your header! Gorgeous!

Martha is always very pleased with herself. She probably thought she was doing something fabulous by sending your daughter that photo. I am glad that you didn't have to pay full price for Martha's special mix! Martha at a discount?!? Why they should be charging more than retail for the honor of carrying her products! I do find her amusing.


charlie said...

I think I prefer Not Martha! I'm back up and running, but th equestion is will you recognise me?

Sabina said...

What a great story!!

Love the photo in the header and your Nelson Mandela quote!!