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Saturday, September 27, 2008


I haven’t posted in a week or more – I have been kind of distracted. With what you ask? The election, the economy, the debate, the 700 billion dollar bail out. I never in my life have been so interested in politics...obsessed with watching the news, listening to the news, the commentaries, and of course, reading blogs about politics.

Without sharing with you who I would like to see President, all I can say is my mouth and my opinions have gotten me into trouble at our block party, our Bunco group and other social events. Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker -in other words, I can’t keep my trap shut. But here is the interesting thing – its very stimulating and I feel like I am using my brain for something other than what new pillows should I buy today, or is the rug in the living room too small?? Believe me; ordinarily these are important decisions in my little life.

I guess my question for you dear readers is---is what is going on in these United States lately concerning you, bugging you, scaring you??

I can’t wait to till November 5th. I can get back to important things like what menu to serve for Thanksgiving this year. What new decorations I am going to buy for Christmas and what yummy home made treats I can give as gifts this year….Last year it was Italian cookies and home made Limoncello.

Please vote for the candidate of YOUR CHOICE!!!



Twyla and Lindsey said...

There is much to draw us to the news channels lately. It makes things in our little world seem pretty trivial. Thank goodness we have our everyday lives though to keep the worlds problems from overwhelming us. Twyla

SeaWorthy said...

Love it!

You mean your not going to buy the purple draperies? Or hang the ornate italian crystal chandelier over your bed in the diva like fashion?

I too, have been distracted and just re read my blog from last week, its an absolute snooze fest over there!! Ive got to quit it!

have a great week, sista!
coastal nest

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I am more than slightly distracted...I seriously haven't slept right in weeks! Ugh. Politics has always been of interest to me...even in college I rolled out of bed to watch Meet the Press (that's dedication ;-) our 24/7 world, though, we have SO much access to...well, SO much. Head. Is. Spinning.

Hang in there...and I will try to, too! :-)

nikinpos said...

Not being American I do not pay too much attention to all the hype, but will be interested in seing the final outcome...and results of that outcome.

Sabina said...

I guessed we've all been distracted by what is going on. I walk around in disbelief at times, and wonder -- where is my America?? My optimistic nature soon follows with high hopes, but it's getting harder to muster up those feelings as of late.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

I'll tell you what i find really tiring is the biased slant of the media. I am so done from getting my information from them. And so I review policy and previous votes. But I DO NOT use the general media as a source. The economy...a whole other can of worms. We are certainly in for some trying times. Put on your seatbelt America. We will survive though.